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College Students

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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SAM Volunteer

Summer Athletic Ministries


"SAM" Ministry will give you an opportunity to share your faith, keep active in sports, and earn a salary in your local area.


~Current College Student
~High School Athlete
~Love the Lord
~Christian References
~Age 18-29

SAM volunteers must be willing to work at least two weeks (preferably three or more) during the summer for FCA. You then raise your support (just like any other missions trip) and you'll be assigned as a Huddle Leader at an FCA Sports Camp each of your weeks.

SALT Internship

Student Athlete Leadership Training


Mid Altantic FCA Interns Summer 2011

The SALT internship allows college students to serve the Lord through FCA for an entire summer. The intern's responsibilities will include providing help in planning and carrying out all summer events, as well as attending regional power and sports camps. And just like a missions trip, the SALT internship requires support to be raised.